Generation Services

Simply Energy is the leading provider of embedded generation services in New Zealand, with more independent embedded generation assets under management than any other participant.

We provide our Market License Services and Use of System Agreements to act as the registered trader on client owned embedded generation assets. This includes set-up and connection agreements, ongoing ICP Code compliance, meter and meter data management and reconciliation of the generator power sales into the wholesale market. We manage settlement and advise on revenue optimisation strategies for the generation assets.

Working With You

The process of establishing and selling independent electricity generation is described below. We can work with you from end to end, or for only part of the journey.

  • Stage 1

    Wholesale market overview

    Understand the New Zealand wholesale and retail electricity market as it pertains to embedded generation including spot pricing, settlement, reconciliation processes, forward price path and power sale arrangements.

  • Stage 2

    Generation project evaluation

    Understand electricity generation economics and options by evaluating different power sale structures and scenarios along with issues related to metering, reconciliation and grid connection.

  • Stage 3

    Power purchase agreements

    Evaluate and implement commercial structures to maximise the return on your generation asset or project.

  • Stage 4

    Operations and settlement

    Simply Energy is a Registered Electricity Retailer and a Registered Electricity Generator – a significant advantage over other advisors. We also hold a Futures Dealers Licence to advise and deal in electricity hedges and derivatives. [New Zealand Gazette No. 47 dated 5 April 2011]

Retail Solutions

We are New Zealand’s largest provider of retail white label services. We customise solutions for new entrants and independent retailers as well as industry incumbents that require agile and innovative solutions.

Working with you

We are focused on results and offer a range of services to meet your requirements:

  • Advisory

    We can support the evaluation and implementation of a new business initiative through our New Zealand Electricity Market expert advisory services. We are more than advisers but are practitioners who have developed and operated retail businesses and understand that the devil lies in the operational detail.

  • Market Licenses

    Market License Services are a fundamental building block of our White Label services. Through these licences, Simply Energy has a detailed knowledge of the regulatory, licensing and contractual arrangements necessary to operate as a retail reconciliation participant and to comply with the Electricity Industry Participant Code and the Electricity Industry Act 2010.

  • Wholesale Services

    Wholesale services are the provision of day-to-day site switching, registry updates, meter data management, market reconciliation and reporting, wholesale billing, network operations and Code compliant field services.
    We deliver these services with compliant systems and processes that are audited by the Electricity Authority as part of our Certified Reconciliation Participant status.

  • Retail Billing Services

    Retail services are the billing, invoice presentation and customer portal functionality for our clients to present invoices and customer data to retail customers. We tailor a solution, providing the core data that enables our clients to create their unique brand experience.

  • Other Services

    Simply Energy offers additional value add services including agile technology development, tariff pricing models and trading and risk management reporting.

Electricity Supply Solutions

Simply Energy is a specialist electricity retail solutions business, providing tailored solutions for commercial and industrial energy clients. We are a registered retailer with access agreements in place to supply electricity anywhere in the country.


We start by assessing your electricity load requirements and risk profile, then consider a range of beneficial medium-to-long term structures. These might include:

  • Becoming your retailer, accessing direct wholesale electricity supply on your behalf;
  • Arranging spot supply and hedges to secure a competitive fixed price arrangement;
  • Implementing energy efficiency and control solutions combined with a complementary tariff structure;
  • Implementing an onsite generation structure or buying electricity directly from an independent generator.

If you have only a few, larger sites, then our Direct Market Participation (DMP) structure could be suitable as it allows you to bypass the retailers and buy electricity directly from the wholesale market. We set you up as a DMP and manage the process to secure the benefits without the management hassle.

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