Smart energy solutions for your business

Get Power.

From competitively priced electricity backed by Contact’s largely renewable generation, to ways to monitor and manage your usage, we’ve got your business energy needs covered.

Flex your power.

Cut carbon, save costs, and even earn money for your business while giving the grid a helping hand, by reducing your consumption and shifting your energy use to times when the grid is greener.

Generate your power.

Lowering energy costs, reducing your environmental impact and building resilience are amongst the many reasons why you might choose to generate your own electricity.

Insights and tools to help you make informed decisions

Access your accounts and services with us and gain insights into your energy use and emissions. 

Simply Online

Power up your energy management with Simply Online. 

Access your account information and services anytime, 24/7.

Carbon iQ

Understand your electricity emissions with Carbon iQ.

Get half-hourly insights for accurate emissions monitoring and reporting.

Site iQ

Make your building more efficient with Site iQ

Understand occupancy and reduce your building’s energy, equipment and space costs.

Become an energy retailer

If you’re looking to strengthen your brand, add value to your business and bring more value to your customers, our turnkey white label retail offering provides a complete solution.

We're a Toitū net carbon zero certified business

We’re committed to measuring our carbon footprint and doing what we can to reduce our emissions. Find out what becoming a Toitū net carbon zero certified business means to us and what we’ll be doing to tread more lightly on the planet.