Get power for your business.

From competitively priced electricity backed by Contact’s largely renewable generation, to ways to monitor and manage your usage, we’ve got you covered.

The choice is yours

Choose from a range of pricing options including fixed, variable, a mix of both or a custom solution that may include your own onsite generation.
For cost certainty, you can choose to fix your rates for the term of your contract with our competitive fixed pricing.
Or, you can choose variable pricing where you’re billed a half-hourly spot price, for a fixed term, under a fee for service.
You can also choose from a mix of both fixed and variable pricing, or go one step further and let us structure a supply solution specific to your business needs.


Long-term supply from renewable generation

We can also provide you with long-term renewable supply through a direct, structured generation and supply deal. Through Contact we can offer access to a portfolio of largely renewable generation allowing you to lock-in a long-term supply arrangement.

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