Make and consume your own power.

Lowering energy costs, reducing your environmental impact and building resilience are amongst the many reasons why you might choose to generate your own electricity

Whether it’s onsite at the point of use, or small-scale independent (embedded) generation, we can set you up with a range of generation technologies including hydro, geothermal, wind, solar, and landfill/biomass.


Sound interesting?

If you’re interested in generating your own electricity, we can help you acquire, build, own or operate renewable generation. Or if you have established generation assets we can take care of what’s required to keep them running.

Alongside expert advice, we’ll help you with everything from gathering market insights, to getting connected, reconciling usage, and ensuring compliance. We can also take care of wholesale market sales, long-term off-take agreements, hedges, retail solutions and even set you up to supply the electricity you generate to your other networked sites.

Proud pioneers

We’re proud to be pioneers in this area. In 2010 we were recognised with an EECA Award for being the first company to implement this peer-to-peer supply capability in New Zealand. Since then, we’ve been rolling it out to a number of customers across the country.

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