Better together.

It’s a challenge we’re up for.

The problem of climate change isn’t just about the environment but, at its core, is about people. And because it cannot be resolved by any one of us acting alone, Simply Energy has taken a lead by joining forces with Contact Energy. With their scale and our agility, we’re changing the relationship between New Zealand businesses and energy, for good

We’ve stepped away from the mindset where power is just a commodity. Instead,
we want to help our clients, their customers and the planet itself, by focussing on
using better energy, and using energy better. 

What all of this means for you:

  • You’ll still get access to a reliable electricity supply backed by Contact’s largely renewable generation portfolio.
  • Access to innovative, energy-efficient solutions, like Demand Flexibility.
  • The opportunity to take advantage of new technologies, like Sapient, thanks to the scale of Contact’s local and international partnerships.
  • Greater scope in the development of partnership initiatives through our large pool of resources.
  • The certainty of fixed wholesale energy prices across 20 regions and networks.

We don’t claim to have all the answers, but one of our major initiatives is #changematters, where we collaborate with businesses to find innovative and commercially viable solutions to reduce carbon.

Simply put, join us on our journey and, together, we can create a lower-carbon, more sustainable and better New Zealand.