Why #changematters?

Our rapidly changing climate, and the inevitable fallout of inaction, is a big problem on our immediate horizon. What the world needs desperately is more people and especially, more businesses, stepping up to do their part.

We believe in putting our energy where it matters, and the challenge of climate change certainly matters a lot. We also believe we can make a difference when we work together and feel a responsibility to create a future where energy is cleaner and more sustainable.

We’ve found many organisations are wanting to make changes but are struggling with where to start, how to get momentum and generate the required interest, both internally and externally.

That’s why #changematters was set up. An initiative where we work with you and your business, using our resources and know-how, to help us all lower carbon emissions, reduce business costs, develop reputation, reinforce credibility, drive innovation, increase competitiveness, and act responsibly towards our shareholders.

Our goal is to help our customers achieve all of this, while doing something that will ultimately benefit the whole planet.

Leading by example.

Because Simply Energy has joined forces with Contact, we all benefit from the innovations Contact has made to its operations to help make change happen:

  • 83% renewable generation.
  • A world leader in geothermal development.
  • A 51% reduction in our own carbon emissions since 2012.
  • The first New Zealand company to set science-based climate targets.
  • And we’ve broken new ground in sustainable finance.


But we’re not stopping there.

Change for the better has to be ongoing with a permanent state of innovation. #changematters comes directly out of that thinking and it’s why Simply Energy is enabling new independent renewable generation, supporting local solutions with peer-to-peer trading for solar energy, and providing innovative technology solutions, such as Sapient to improve energy efficiency, and Demand Flexibility to reduce the need for fossil fuel generation at times of peak electricity demand.

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