Opportunities in Energy Webinar Series

Join us for a series of webinars where we’ll share what’s happening in the market and ways to navigate the opportunities and challenges on the road to reducing emissions. Alongside our partners, customers and industry experts, we’ll share practical, effective, and financially viable ways to help us move forward faster.

Episode 1:

Adjusting to New Zealand's Energy Future

Learn more about the global energy transition, what it means for New Zealand, and how we’re adapting to it.

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Episode 2:

Efficiency, the Unsung Hero in New Zealand's Energy Transition

Glenn Wellington from EECA joins us to discuss the importance of energy efficiency in response to climate change, exploring global insights and its untapped potential for emission reduction.

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Episode 3:

Unlocking the Value in Energy Flexibility

Find out about demand flexibility’s role in the future electricity system, how you can participate, and hear from James Tipping (GM of Market Strategy/Regulation at Vector) on Aotearoa’s first Flexibility Plan.

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Episode 4:

Navigating the Path to a Successful Energy Transition

Discover practical strategies for a financially feasible process heat transition with insights from Daniel Pereira, Open Country’s Energy Projects Engineer, on how energy flexibility is reducing emissions, improving energy cost control and increasing electricity use.

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