Our innovative approach combines market expertise with agile systems, providing clients with cost effective access to compliant electricity solutions.

Compliant Market Platform

Simply Energy has developed the core system infrastructure to interact with the New Zealand electricity wholesale and retail markets. This infrastructure produces half hourly data, allowing us to quickly implement and operate complex reconciliation and billing solutions.

Market Experts

Our team are market experts, experienced in delivering commercial solutions across the full energy value chain, from inception to implementation and ongoing operation and compliance.

Electricity Authority Registered Electricity Retailer

We are a registered electricity retailer with the authority to purchase energy from the wholesale market and retail it on behalf of our clients. We are also a member of the Electricity Gas Complaints Commission.

Electricity Authority Registered Electricity Generator

We are a registered electricity generator. If you have excess generation we can sell your electricity into the wholesale market, structure off-take arrangements and manage day to day system interface and market compliance.

Electricity Authority Certified Reconciliation Participant Status

We have the audited systems, processes and expertise to reconcile and settle the electricity bought and sold through the wholesale market, compliant with the Electricity Industry Code.

Nationwide Use-of-System Network Agreements

Nationwide use of system agreements allow us to provide energy solutions to meter supply points from large industrial sites to residential sites, and from Kaitaia to Bluff.

Authorised Futures Dealers Licence

Under the Securities Markets Act 1988, Simply Energy is an Authorised Futures Dealer, able to advise, structure and settle electricity hedges. [New Zealand Gazette No. 47 dated 5 April 2011]