Reduce your
energy emissions.

Once you’ve got a better understanding of your energy emissions we can work with you on a plan to reduce them, and help you get the most out of the energy you use. We’ve got smart technology that helps you be more energy efficient and make savings from your plugged-in devices.

Setting emission reduction goals and making a plan to achieve them are great ways to focus your efforts on what matters most. If you don’t know your emissions here’s some info to get you started.

The most effective way to come up with an achievable plan is to work with us through our #changematters initiative. It’s an initiative where we collaborate with our partners, using our resources and know-how, to develop innovative ideas and implement solutions to help you lower your carbon emissions.

Sapient is an energy management system that lets you track and manage the energy your plugged-in devices use. Developed by Sapient Industries in the US, it’s a super-smart system that uses plugs deployed across your buildings to collect live power consumption data from everything you plug into them – from the coffee maker in the kitchen, to your office equipment and desktop monitors.

Using machine learning, the plugs begin to learn, and through a handy dashboard, the system makes smart suggestions on how to optimise your energy use. Suggestions that you can choose to accept, reject or automate at the simple press of a button.

The system will only be available in Australasia through Simply Energy, and we’re excited to be able to offer it to our commercial customers in early 2021. If this sounds interesting, send us a message below to register your interest and check out the video to find out more about how it works.

With Simply Flex, we pay you to automatically reduce power consumption from your electrical equipment to give the grid a helping hand when electricity demand is high.

Find out more.

New Zealand has enviable levels of renewable generation meaning we’re well placed to benefit from electric vehicles (EVs). This makes them not only a smart choice for your fleet but an effective way to reduce transport emissions.

We’ve partnered with a number of experts to take the guess-work and effort out of making the switch. We offer a full range of EV solutions to help you identify opportunities, put in the right infrastructure, and make smart buying choices. We also take care of everything for you under a single relationship, so you can focus on the business you’re in.

Our partnerships with Optifleet and Thundergrid make the entire decision-making process easier.

Working with Optifleet we offer Fleet Reviews that provide insight into how you’re using your vehicles and help you make informed EV choices. It also has an online tool to help you decide whether to lease or own by making the costs of both options transparent.

Through Thundergrid we offer Infrastructure Reviews to better understand your sites and help you choose the right number, placement and type of chargers.

We’re also able to offer you a simple way to charge your vehicles and provide charging to your staff, customers, visitors or residents. Focused on EV charging backed by Contact’s largely renewable energy, Thundergrid provides an end-to-end EV charging infrastructure service that includes everything from design advice right through to ongoing user and billing support.

Contact is transitioning its own fleet to EVs. Find out more about the benefits in the video below.

We’re working with some of New Zealand’s most trusted energy consulting partners to help businesses, enterprises and our industry make the switch to low-carbon electricity.

Whether it’s working through the feasibility of a project, or implementation, we can connect you with a range of smart solutions, paired with long-term, fixed energy pricing, that provide a compelling business case for switching your processes from fossil fuels to electricity.

If you’re interested in getting started check out EECA’s Energy Transition Accelerator (ETA) – a long-term roadmap to enable New Zealand’s large energy users get off fossil fuels and reap the benefits of energy efficiency.

Geothermal heat, direct to your door

As New Zealand sets its sights on a 100% renewable electricity grid, the role of geothermal energy in providing a sustainable and reliable energy supply has never been more important. Because we’ve joined forces with Contact Energy we can also supply renewable, geothermal heat directly to local businesses in the Taupō area in the form of steam or hot water. This can be used for space heating, cooling aquaculture, horticulture and industrial processes.

If you’re not already close by, Contact has a range of rural and industrial-zoned land available for use.

From Contact’s extensive Wairakei-Tauhara and Ohaaki geothermal fields we’re able to offer a secure heat supply at a range of temperatures up to 200˚C and have a range of rural and industrial-zoned land available nearby. This means we can provide you with attractively priced long-term energy and heat supply agreements to help you lower your operational costs and emissions.

Find out below how one customer is using direct heat to increase production, reduce emissions and expand into export markets.


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