Understand your electricity emissions with Carbon iQ

The first step in reducing your energy-related emissions is understanding where they come from.

We’re making it possible by providing access to an accurate view of your CO emissions from electricity and supporting you with ways to reduce them.

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How it works

Upload your smart meter consumption data and Carbon iQ will calculate your time-weighted emissions (tons of CO2e). It does this by combining your half-hourly consumption data with the carbon intensity of New Zealand’s electricity system at 17,500+ time periods each year.

This granular emissions data is powered by Transpower’s Energy Market Services.

Interactive daily and monthly charts help you to identify opportunities to shift your electricity use away from carbon-intensive times. 

Why time-weighted emissions?


Accurate measurement

Understand the true impact of your electricity consumption.


Actionable Insight

Identify high-carbon sites and periods.


Reduce & shift consumption

Where possible, reduce or shift consumption from high-carbon periods.


Reduce emissions

Measure the carbon impact of the changes you’ve made.


Using grid-average emissions factors published by the Ministry for the Environment has been the best practice for measuring electricity emissions until now.

While a good proxy, businesses can only report an aggregated annual view of their emissions. Since emissions from electricity fluctuate in line with changes in the generation mix and demand, using grid average emissions factors doesn’t provide a granular view.

There’s also a lag in factors being available. For example, the latest emissions factor is for 2020 and isn’t an accurate picture of annual emissions for a business reporting theirs today.

As a Toitū net carbonzero certified business, we’re working with Toitū and other key stakeholders on what’s required to verify the data. Our goal is that any business, large or small, can use this data to report its emissions.

The tool is powered by Simply Energy’s subscription to Transpower’s EM6 data. We can provide you with aggregated analysis, but not the underlying data.

If you require bespoke data analysis, complete the form above and we’ll be in touch.

You can lower your emissions and costs if your business can reduce or shift load from carbon-intensive periods such as winter evenings.
This can be achieved easily using our flexibility services, which automatically modify your electricity use in response to the price and carbon intensity of electricity as these change throughout the day.
For example, cold stores or swimming pools might be able to safely reduce some of their heating or cooling during peak times or shift their usage to lower carbon periods. Likewise, a hotel could reduce its emissions by running its laundry services earlier or later in the day, as could a Council with waste-water pumps if they have storage facilities that can be maintained within safe limits.

It varies from day to day depending on generation mix and demand.

For example, at 6.30 pm on 6 September 2022, our electricity was 81% renewable, increasing to 97% by midnight. Shifting flexible consumption from the evening peak to after midnight on this day would have resulted in a 76% reduction in CO2 emissions. While an extreme case, we’ve found that flexible energy use can reduce emissions by about 30% on most days. 

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